toc  Instructions: 11+ Maths Workshop Series – 2019

  • Book one or more activity (Maths/English/Mock exam).
  • Pay by card at the checkout.
  • Remember to click the 'Return to Merchant' button after checking out so that you can complete your contact details and enrolment form.
  • Maths workshops typically run from 09:15 - 13:00
  • English workshops typically run from 13:30 - 17:00
  • All workshops are run at our offices in North London

filter_1  Maths Workshop 1

Mastering the basics

Sunday, 14th April - £150.00

A solid foundation in the basics is fundamental to success in any maths exam, especially the 11+. Content will include:
  • Working with the four operations and whole numbers
  • Starting out with ratios and proportions
  • Converting between the different metric units
  • Properties of shapes, including triangles, quadrilaterals and other shapes
  • Angle properties
  • Finding out about different shape symmetries
  • The different measures of averages: mean, mode median and range
  • Recognising number sequences and patterns.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_2  Maths Workshop 2

Working with ratios and proportions

Sunday, 16th June - £150.00

Ratio is one of the most important topics for 11+ exams. Many questions rely on a clear understanding together with the experience of tackling exam-style questions. This workshop will cover:
  • A thorough understanding of ratios and proportions
  • Working with ratios in a range of questions including recipes, conversions and pie charts
  • Handling more complicated questions with inverse ratios and map scales.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_3  Maths Workshop 3

Understanding and using algebra

Sunday, 21st July - £150.00

Time to demystify the most powerful of all maths topics: algebra. Students will be given a solid grounding in Algebra as well as shown how it can be used as a useful tool to solve a range of problems. This workshop will cover:
  • Algebra basics: how to work with numbers and letters
  • Answering questions based on formulae
  • Working with equations: from solving simple equations up to simultaneous equations
  • Creating and solving equations from worded problems.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_4  Maths Workshop 4

Handling 11+ puzzle-based questions and non-verbal reasoning

Thursday, 29th August - £150.00

Many 11+ exam questions are based on common puzzles. They also require a certain way of thinking. This workshop will cover:
  • Common 11+ exam themes including code-breaking, shapes within shapes and logic puzzles
  • Practical strategies on how to handle puzzles in general
  • Typical 11+ questions and how to handle them
  • Developing strategies to handle different non-verbal reasoning question types
  • Develop strategies to tackle spatial reasoning questions, including nets of cubes
  • Work on non-verbal reasoning exam technique.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_5  Maths Workshop 5

Solving difficult problems

Sunday, 20th October - £150.00

Every 11+ paper has some difficult questions, the kind that make students wonder where to start. This workshop will cover:
  • Understanding which topic is behind difficult questions
  • Selecting the correct methods to solve them
  • Making sure the relevant working out is shown
  • This workshop will also explore the different types of 11+ paper and the varying difficulty and question types asked, depending on the school.

filter_6  Maths Workshop 6

Exam technique

Sunday, 1st December - £150.00

This will be a troubleshooting Workshop; a final boost to help students achieve high marks in the exams, with top tips and practice for the exams, plus target setting for last minute revision and practice. Continuing where October’s workshop left off, the group will go through a succession of difficult questions. This final workshop will also cover exam technique, including:
  • How to avoid silly mistakes
  • Making every second count
  • What working out to show
  • Tackling the toughest of questions.