toc  Instructions: 11+ English Workshop Series – 2019

  • Book one or more activity (Maths/English/Mock exam).
  • Pay by card at the checkout.
  • Remember to click the 'Return to Merchant' button after checking out so that you can complete your contact details and enrolment form.
  • Maths workshops typically run from 09:15 - 13:00
  • English workshops typically run from 13:30 - 17:00
  • All workshops are run at our offices in North London

filter_1  English Workshop 1

The Basic skills

Sunday, 14th April - £150.00

This workshop is designed for students who need revision and consolidation of the basic skills required for success in 11+ English exams. Content will include:
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Sentence punctuation
  • Syntax
  • Verbal reasoning: the type of questions asked.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_2  English Workshop 2

GL + CEM Style Comprehension 1

Sunday, 16th June - £150.00

This workshop will offer opportunities to learn and consolidate the strategies required for multi-choice comprehension. It will also introduce the range of verbal reasoning questions and encourage the students to begin to self-time.
  • Strategies for multi-choice comprehension
  • Fiction + non-fiction texts
  • Annotation of the text
  • Types of questions asked
  • Verbal reasoning: using logic to solve problems
  • Timing + “Speed Work” for verbal reasoning questions.
This workshop has already taken place

filter_3  English Workshop 3

GL + CEM Style Comprehension 2

Sunday, 21st July - £150.00

This workshop will consolidate the strategies introduced in the previous workshop. It will also introduce the concept of Critical Thinking and encourage the students to question their ideas about moral and ethical concepts. This is in response to an increasing number of schools asking entry candidates to discuss such topics at interview.
  • Revision of strategies introduced in previous workshop
  • Introduction of poetry as a comprehension text
  • Further timing and “speed work”
  • Critical thinking.

filter_4  English Workshop 4

Exam Technique

Thursday, 29th August - £150.00

This workshop will offer a number of opportunities to work in exam conditions across a range of techniques. It will also introduce figurative language, and the use of inference within a comprehension text.
  • Self-timing
  • Punctuation: locate the errors
  • Spelling: locate the errors
  • “How does the writer” type questions.
  • Mini-exams will take place throughout the workshop.

filter_5  English Workshop 5

Tricky Questions

Sunday, 20th October - £150.00

This workshop will look at a range of papers, allowing the students to grade them as “less challenging”, “reasonably challenging” or “very challenging”. It will also introduce writing strategies.
  • The types of comprehension questions
  • Looking at a range of genres chosen for the text
  • Looking at a range of excerpts from exam papers
  • Identifying the tricky questions: what makes them challenging and what is the question really asking for?
  • “How does the writer…”
  • “What do you learn about the character of…”
  • The genre of writing
  • How to plan
  • The importance of the opening and the ending
  • The length of the writing piece.

filter_6  English Workshop 6


Sunday, 1st December - £150.00

This workshop will pay specific attention to exam technique. It will also address the issue of how to read a poetry text, and how to discern the poet’s intentions. The students will have the opportunity to write a creative piece under exam conditions, using photographic stimuli. The importance of the mark scheme in standard version comprehension will be addressed. A revision of verbal reasoning techniques will be offered.
  • Revision of the writing strategies introduced in the previous workshop
  • Top tips for planning the writing piece
  • Using photographic stimuli for the writing piece
  • Standard version comprehension and the use of the mark-scheme
  • Reading and understanding poetry
  • Completing verbal reasoning questions.